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HCB Battery is a good company focusing on the product quality and services.

—— Miguel A. Novas

I find the good batteries with same good services here from HCB Battery.

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En coopération avec la société de HCB est très heureux, cela est une entreprise très professionnelle.

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Raw material testing, raw material quality is the basis of a company's products quality. Our company for the quality control of raw materials, first of all, according to the use of raw material parts, key degree, effect on product quality status hierarchy; Secondly, for the different grades of raw materials, we have formulated the sampling test of the specification system, strictly to do real production test each time the arrival of the goods, ensure that the material in the production of each link will not appear bad phenomenon; At the same time, we perfect the supplier management system, and according to different grades of raw materials suppliers control, in order to ensure the stability of the status of supply and can be selected, and the score in the daily work of the supplier evaluation and dynamic management for suppliers.


Process control is to control the production process, improve product quality, value, and the implementation process of growth, so the process control as an important part of the enterprise survival. Our company has always attached great importance in terms of process control, production process to identify the key processes, key process and the general process, according to the different process different ways of monitoring process management level; Due to the particularity of the product, in the process of production setting to six full inspection link.For all process, inspection and self-inspection, mutual inspection, three kinds of most basic means of monitoring; In the process of the three inspection, if quality problems found, rectification, recording, tracking and immediately weed out bad product, eliminate the phenomenon of adverse factors. Each line has a unit will start the first inspection, production process inspection work, and put on record, the results of all inspections to facilitate, analysis the late retroactively.


Product testing, finished product control is the product in a final quality control before delivery to link, the product passed all features will be displayed in front of the user. Upon the completion of the finished product, our company according to the sampling plan of GB2828 falling for finished product appearance, performance, such as sampling detection, and according to the national standard requirements for batch determination qualified or not, for the unqualified batch to conduct full inspection work, to eliminate all non-conforming. The packaged product drop test, confirm the product will not appear in the process of transportation, handling performance changes.


Occupational health and safety policy


People-oriented: to control the unsafe factors of the people as the foundation, to control the unsafe state of the object.


Prevention: prepaid as the main means to achieve control objectives.


Technology innovation: safety technical innovation to promote the safety management level.


Manage merit: production safety management on site.



  • Standard:CE


    Issue Date:2010-09-20

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