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HCB Battery Co., Ltd

China HCB Battery Co., Ltd certification
China HCB Battery Co., Ltd certification
HCB Battery is a good company focusing on the product quality and services.

—— Miguel A. Novas

I find the good batteries with same good services here from HCB Battery.

—— Kent Heames

En coopération avec la société de HCB est très heureux, cela est une entreprise très professionnelle.

—— Jean-Marc Dupont

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HCB Battery Co., Ltd

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HCB Battery Co., Ltd HCB Battery Co., Ltd HCB Battery Co., Ltd HCB Battery Co., Ltd HCB Battery Co., Ltd HCB Battery Co., Ltd HCB Battery Co., Ltd HCB Battery Co., Ltd HCB Battery Co., Ltd HCB Battery Co., Ltd

Company Details:

Business Type : Manufacturer
Main Market : North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands : HCB
No. of Employees : 400~500
Annual Sales : 20 million-30 million
Year Established : 1995
Export p.c : 80% - 90%

HCB Battery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. As a leading primary lithium battery manufacturer and solution provider in China, HCB remains dedicated to leading the R&D and manufacturing of various types of primary lithium batteries.


With every improvement that is made, HCB continues to pursue perfection. Technological development & innovation are of great importance to HCB. We have been focusing on providing reliable products & services to the customers worldwides for more than 23 years.


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Utility Metering
Automatic meter reading(AMR), advanced metering infrastructure(AMI),electricity meters, gas meters, water meters, heat meters, etc.


Smoke detectors,0. security alarms, seismometers, digital door lock system, etc.


Internet of Things
Asset tracking toll-gate transponders smart home bike-sharing IC cards GPS, TPMS, RFID, etc.


Animal health monitoring system,forest fire alert, smart irrigation system, etc.


Medical Devices
Cardiac pacemaker, respirator, oxygenator, inspection devices, monitoring devices, infusion pump, etc.


Marine & Lifesaving
Life jacket, signal light, buoy, etc.


Oil & Gas
Well pressure meters, float meters, logging while drilling(LWD), measure while drilling(MWD), etc.


Military & Defence
Portable radio communications, night vision equipment & thermal images, torches & lamps, etc.



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Our products have exported worldwide and won the trust of all, we are striving for the credibility and honor of MADE IN CHINA products.


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As a company seeking perfection continuously, we have strict requirements for management. The company has been awarded with OHSMS18000, ISO9001 international quality management system certificate and ISO14000 environmental management system certification. At the same time, as a company present in the extensive international market, HaoCheng has also received the CE product safety certification in EU to ensure the safety of our products exported to EU. Besides, HaoCheng has also been awarded with RoHS environmental certification in EU. Our products have passed the test for hazardous substances, thus proving the environmental features of the products. Meanwhile, because the international market has very critical requirements for shipping, we have been awarded with the UN safe shipping certification of US. Besides, our products have also received the UL American products access certification, which is necessary for all products to enter markets in developed nations such as US.


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We have the automatic equipment taking the leading position in China, the fully-automatic lithium manganese coilers (the most in China), lithium automatic production line and laser welder imported from Germany (we used to be the sole Chinese producer having the equipment. Only in recent years, our Chinese competitors began to import such equipment). The price of this laser welder is equivalent to that of a whole
lithium automatic production line. We have invested heavily to buy it because the laser welder only spends 0.7 seconds to weld one battery. It is well known that the ordinary argon arc welder takes a longer time (about 4 seconds). At the same time, the high temperature in the welding would impact on the internal structure in the battery. However, the laser welding greatly reduces the time of heat conducting, thus reducing the
impact on the battery quality in the process of welding. At the same time, the highly-automatic production equipment considerably improves the consistency of batteries, thus ensuring the batch supply of products.


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HaoCheng Industrial Park has the professional solutions to stand-by emergency power source. By taking our own advantages, we can guarantee the constant supply of power in critical moments. We have designed IDC-level (data center) emergency stand-by power source solutions for the factory, which is equipped with the self-produced Super Power 530kw diesel power generating unit. In the early stage of factory design, we use the 1+1 double transformer configuration to ensure the constant power supply for production at high cost. As is known to all, dry environment is very important in the process of manufacturing lithium batteries. The moisture will impact on the quality of batteries.

HaoCheng Industrial Park is equipped with 3+1 independent drying and moisture-eliminating system and lithium manganese, lithium thionyl and soft package sets. When one machine breaks down, the battery production will not stop. The drying and moisture-eliminating system of the original HaoCheng company has now become the spare part in the Industrial Park to ensure the lithium battery production is always done

in the wonderful dry environment.

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